On the 12 of July, at 9:00 AM the Chapter Fathers were convened for the election of the new General Superior. In the presence of all the chapter fathers, His Eminence Cardinal Francesco Coccopalmeiro read the points of regulation that relate to it.

On the first ballot, by an overwhelming majority, with 54 votes out of 62 voters, Fr. Gustavo Nieto was elected.

There was then a stipulated recess providing the Superior General-Elect time to consider whether or not to accept his appointment, thus there was no more work done in the morning.

At the beginning of the afternoon session, Fr. Gustavo Nieto informed the Chapter Fathers of his acceptance of the position, giving thanks for the trust placed in him, and strongly commending himself to the prayers of all. The Chapter Fathers thanked him with a long applause.

Then they proceeded to the rest of the elections of the Chapter authorities, with the following results:

First Councilor: Fr. Ricardo Clarey, with 54 votes.

Second Councilor: Fr. Daniel Cima, with 52 votes.

Both were elected with large majorities.

And the alternates:

First alternate Councilor: Miguel Angel Fuentes, with 48 votes.
Second alternate Councilor: Diego Ibarra, with 38 votes.

Third alternate Councilor: Arturo Ruiz, with 44 votes.

With great joy of all the Chapter Fathers, all the elected accepted their appointment, and the rest of the afternoon was free to celebrate the elections.

At 9:00 pm. Cardinal Francesco announced the names of the Directors appointed by the CIVCSVA: Fr. Ervens Mengelle as Vicar General, and Fathers Eugenio Elias and Christian Ferraro as Councilors. With these appointments, the General Council of the Institute has been named.

Giving thanks to God, we commend ourselves, once again, to the prayers of all.

In Christ and Mary.

Fr. Miguel Soler, IVE



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