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854151_1The other day I talked to a lady who told us the following occurrence: She is a Sunni Muslim, the widow of a Shiite husband. Their children are Shiite because it is common here that the children follow the religion of the father. This lady called her relatives who are in the north, and they told her the following: They are with the ISIS (terrorists who have taken part of the country), and that they are coming to Baghdad to take it, and that they will kill all those who do not pray according to their customs (there are not many doctrinal differences between these two Muslim groups but rather things like what authority to obey, what time to pray, with which postures, etc.).

She was horrified and asked them how they could think like that, but it was not of much use to try changing their minds. This account is chilling because it shows the mentality behind the massacres (in all the cities that they take, they have performed summary executions), and even family affection does not serve as a deterrent.

They were saying (and the lady understood perfectly) that if her children did not change their affiliation, they would be killed. Obviously that conversation also involved Christians, and that is why the woman told us the story. Do not cease to pray for the people of this country! May God bless you.

Fr. Luis Montes, IVE.

From: http://friendsofiraq.verboencarnado.net/2014/06/30/chilling-account/

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