Convivencia 2014


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Like every year our seminary had the convivencia (community vacations). The convivencia is a special time for the seminarians dedicated for recreation and community life. Our constitutions remark it as follows: “We want to form men who are authentically free and self-possessed; who by that self-possession can give themselves totally. We consider the practice of sports, camping, community vacations, etc. to be of great importance in this formation of the will”. [N 200]


For that reason we went to the north of the Philippines, to the little town of Sagada from 21st of May to 9th of June. We spent three weeks taking advantage of the place and its surroundings.  We had the possibility of exploring the amazing caves, the mountains such as Ampakao, Polis and Sisipitan, the forests and the other beautiful towns found all over the Cordillera province.

The town is surrounded by the green rice terraces, which go downhill into the valleys. Such beautiful geography ends in wonderful rivers, whose waters came from the terraces. As the rain seems to be too common in Sagada, we took the opportunity to enjoy the community life, playing table game, etc. and had some time to read some books.

The rain also had surprised us in the midst of several outdoors trips, like in mount Polis and Sisipitan, where not only the rain that surprised us, but also the darkness of the night! It was totally an adventure!!!

We thank God for his mercy towards us, for his amiable providence, providing us the things that we need for our formation, especially for our growth in the community and spiritual life.


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