Even the most difficult needs that these people face do not make them give up!


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Dear all:

Although it was some time ago that we wrote this chronicle, now that we have internet connection, we would like to share it with you.

It is very cold in Aleppo. We have just a few hours of electricity per day and fuel is scarce; so the means of heating are also depleted. People took to the streets to get at least some firewood for cooking and heating. And the trees that once beautified the city were stripped bare giving up even their last branches.

One mother did not know what to do to comfort her 3 children who were crying due to the cold. It occurred to her: “let’s dance”. Dad improvised a “table” (an Arabic drum) giving rhythmic beats on the table as the mother sang and danced, holding the hands of the children. They managed to encourage their children who ended up laughing and getting warm … The residents of the apartment below were wondering what was the reason for such a party!

Even the most difficult needs that these people face do not make them give up!

And after several days of freezing temperatures, it began to snow on Monday… For a moment, we forget all the sorrows of this war and took to the streets.

The guns were silent and seemed to have fallen asleep in the deep snow.

And the devastated Aleppo looked beautiful … and white!

Missionaries in Aleppo

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