The “Floral Games” make a grand return to the Fulton Sheen House of Formation.

The Floral Games were first begun at the IVE seminary in Argentina in 1984 as a way to both challenge and inspire the talents of the seminarians in various disciplines: art, music, composition, languages, history, geography, knowledge of the Compendium, and athletics. After their absence from the FSHF for eight years, the Floral Games finally returned with great anticipation.


On Sunday, November 3rd, the seminarians and priest were divided into three teams – Corinth, Macedonia, and Philippi – and were given a presentation by the four seminarians in charge of organizing the competition (“Hellanodikoi”) as to how the “Games” would function.

After having a week in order to study, practice, and refine their talents, the first night of competitions began on Tuesday, November 12th. On the first night each team presented their team banner, motto, and anthem and were then challenged in their knowledge of the first part of the Compendium and in Spanish Grammar. The “novelty” game (a surprise game which is kept secret until that night’s competition) featured a challenge in being able to geographical place in order the second missionary journey of St. Paul.

The second and third nights of competitions also followed the same general format. Teams were challenged in the knowledge of world history, the second and third parts of the Compendium, an English dialogue, and geography. Team members also submitted for judging their literary works and works of art. As well, the Floral “novelties” for these nights included a race to put in chronological order the encyclicals of Blessed John Paul II and an indoor relay race.

The final day of competitions began in the afternoon at Catholic University of America with the athletic portion of the Games. Each team participated in a basketball and soccer tournament, track and field events and an obstacle course. Then the night wrapped up with a competition in music recognition and a competition of choirs and solo performances.

Finally, after tallying all the scores, it was announced that this year’s winner was Team Macedonia led by Deacon Daniel Vitz and Fr. Pablo Bonello. After the awards ceremony the community enjoyed a wrap-up video prepared by the seminarians which featured videos and photos from the previous days’ events.

The 2013 Floral Games brought the return of an IVE tradition to the campus of Fulton Sheen. For priests and seminarians alike it was a week of many sacrifices, but in the midst of such, it was a week of great joy and the building up of the community.