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When we startedourblog “Friends of Iraq” along with its facebook page, in threelanguages​​, we did not imagine thatit would grow so quicklyto what itis now.

We had watched with sadness that Iraq had no friends, only people with their own private interests who used the situation it to their own advantage. Aside from such interests we saw ignorance, indifference and mistrust.


At present, we cannot say the same, or at least not of everyone. Yes, there is the vast majority of the powerful who continue with their vain and stupid plans, which do much damage, and for which they will have to give an account.

But we cannot say anymore that Iraq has no friends, because just by means of our work through the web we have found a host of friends. Hundreds of thousands of people read what we write, media from around the world call us, our website has been visited by people from over 50 countries, speaking more than 40 languages, other websites republish our articles, hundreds of people have sent us messages of support, promising prayers and sacrifices, and we have received small donations from more than 20 countries.

And these numbers are just from our poor work! How many more pray, take an interest and help in different way through other persons.

Bl. Joseph Allamano, speaking of his congregation said: “We are four cats.” In Iraq, our Institute of the Incarnate Word does not have even four cats, and yet God has filled us with friends! He has filled this country, which we have embraced as our own, with many friends!


Some people say that social media friends are not real friends; May be it is so, because often someone is considered a friend who agrees with some of our personal tastes, but friendship is something very different.

But when a person is saddened by our difficulties and rejoices with our joys, in a certain way, he or she is our friend.

There is a short but magnificent text by Fr. Castellani which reads as follows:

I had three friends. One gave me money. He was a good friend.

The second friend once put his hand on my hand and told me:
“If someone kills you, I will be killed for you.”
I said, “For you or with you?”
“With you” – and he was not lying.

The third friend, whenever I went to see him, became joyful.
I also was happy. And we were joyful all the time.
He was my best friend.

To everyone, we give infinite thanks. And the thanks are really infinite because we celebrate the Sacrifice of the Immaculate Lamb each day for everyone.

We request everyone to continue to raise awareness about this suffering people, we also request everyone to continue praying and helping in the manner you can.

God bless you.

Fr. Luis Montes, IVE

Blog: Friends of Iraq 



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