Dear All:

Since now we have the possibility of connecting to the internet for a short while, we would like to write a few lines to let you know that we are doing well.

As usual, it is very difficult to know what is really going on here, and so we cannot tell whether the situation is better or worse. For us, it is business as usual, what we have been living for more than a year: one can hear the shelling, the whole building shakes with the roar of cannon fire, and the bullets seem to never run out because the shootings do not stop. But we all try to live our life as “normally” as possible.

We heard that the army had recovered from the rebels two key neighborhoods in the city of Aleppo which are significant for their strategic positions. The news seemed to encourage the spirit of all these people who are suffering the tragic consequences of this war. But a few days ago the fiercest opposition faction took control again of the central power plant and cut off the electricity supply to the entire city, because of which we have no water as well. So, we are again in darkness! We’ve been in this situation for several days and we do not know how long it will last. But this has happened before, so we are used to it and we manage to keep our apostolate going. Attached is a photo of the last meeting we had with the families of the parish … held outdoors!

Thank God we have a small battery with which we charge the computers, and so are able to at least get in touch with you for a while now and then.

Pray for us!

Missionaries in Aleppo