Every year the province of Buenos Aires organizes a youth pilgrimage to Lujan, in which millions of Argentinians participate, bringing their intentions to the feet of Our Mother.

This year four Servidoras were able to take part in the pilgrimage, from Haedo to Lujan, walking a total of 57 km.  We traveled with a contingent of three buses from the parish of Christ the King from La Plata.  The journey began at three in the morning on Saturday, September 30th.

We always compare the climb up a mountain or a pilgrimage with the soul passing through this earthly life on its journey to our heavenly homeland.  All of this could be felt during the pilgrimage.  And as they say that “there is a bit of everything in Our Lord’s vineyard”: Some were there perhaps only for the sport, or a personal goal; others walked without knowing exactly why; some who although they don’t practice, have a simple faith and walked with the hope of arriving at the goal for some grace that they hoped to receive from heaven, others walked with a stronger faith, and in their journey they offered their sacrifices and prayers to God.

Whatever the motive, it never ceases to amaze that there is one goal: arriving to Lujan, the house of Our Mother… and certainly She is the one who calls, who attracts, in order to give her graces.  And she will surely not fail to recompense this effort…she is the side window through which we enter heaven.

During the journey, we could see people who walked barefoot, others who went with their babies in their strollers, older people, children, in wheelchairs, etc.

On the road as we walked we could contemplate the people: looking forward and backward along the way, the whole road was filled with pilgrims, and it was like that all of Saturday, until early Sunday morning, one could not but exclaim: Argentina is Marian!

According to the media, this year there were about three million people who participated…Argentina is Marian!

Is it worth it?

In one of the villages, a man asked us in an ironic tone: Is it worth this suffering?

And the truth is that the question made us think, and I think stuck with us even more at the end of our travels, and one cannot do more than respond: Of course it’s worth it!  Because I unite myself to Jesus on the Cross and his sorrowful Mother at its foot.  It is an occasion to implore graces, to be a co-redeemer, and to ask for graces for our beloved religious family.

How easy it is to go in community

I don’t want the great “apostolate of the habit” to pass unperceived.  Four sisters travelling together is a great testimony to Consecrated Life, and above all of that which is essential to it, community life and joy.  We experienced the ups and downs proper to the journey together and supported each other.

I want to arrive at your blessed feet

Once we arrived in Lujan, we made our way to the feet of Our Mother, in order to offer her our sacrifices and to ask her for our intentions.  It did not cease to edify us to see the pilgrims kneeling, with tears in their eyes, praying to the Virgin of Lujan.  The basilica was full…many participated in the Holy Masses that were offered throughout the day.  Argentina is Marian!

We ask Our Lady of Lujan to continue to protect our country, so that it clings to its Christian roots.  We trust as always in she who brings us directly to Jesus.

Sisters of the community Blessed Ludovica de Angelis

La Plata-Argentina


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