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Starting this month, we shall begin to send a brief bimonthly newsletter to inform you of the progress we are making in the “Cornelio Fabro Cultural Project.”

Currently, 8 religious working in the Cultural Project dedicate a considerable amount of their time to editing the volumes of the Complete Works of Cornelio Fabro. This is a qualified apostolate which fits fully into our specific end of evangelizing the culture. The following religious collaborate with the Cultural Project by editing books:

Fr. Marcelo Lattanzio is editing vol. 37, entitled L’enigma Rosmini

Fr. Reynaldo Anzulovich is editing vol. 12, entitled L‘anima

Fr. Elvio Fontana is editing Fabro’s Corso di Metafisica

Fr. Omar Mazzega is editing vol. 32, entitled Momenti dello spirito I

Fr. Tobias Eibl is editing vol. 27, entitled L’essenza del Cristianesimo di Feuerbach

Sem. Malte Schwarzer is editing vol. 33, entitled Momenti dello spirito II

Sr. Maria Aracoeli is editing vol. 24, entitled Tomismo e pensiero moderno

Sr. Maria do Divino Pranto is editing vol. 36, entitled Gemma Galgani. Testimone del Soprannaturale

Last month, two new volumes of the Complete Works were published:

Vol. 38 – Le prove dell’esistenza di Dio, edited by Fr. Tobias Eibl

And a revised and corrected 2nd edition of vol. 10 – Dio. Introduzione al problema teologico, edited by Fr. Marcelo Lattanzio

Work began at the beginning of this year to update our website, with the help of Matthew Clovis, a friend of ours living in London, and Sr. Czarna Madonna.

On December 19, 2017, some members of the Cultural Project visited Prof. Anna Giannatiempo, who served as Fr. Fabro’s Assistant Professor at the University of Perugia, as well as his secretary, for over 10 years. We engaged in a lively conversation with her for about 3 hours, which was enriched by many anecdotes related to Fr. Fabro’s life.

On February 17, 2018, we participated in a conference entitled “Cornelio Fabro: Relevance and Vitality of His Thought” (“Cornelio Fabro: attualità e vitalità di un pensiero”), organized by the International Society Thomas Aquinas – Friuli Venezia Giulia Section and chaired by Prof. Danilo Castellano. The talks were given by Fr. Gianluca Trombini (Director of the Cultural Project) with a presentation about the Project and the Edition of the Complete Works, and by Prof. Giovanni Turco (University of Udine) on the relevance and vitality of Cornelio Fabro’s thought.

Afterward, we had dinner with the participants of the conference in a lively and friendly environment. The next day we visited the places where Fr. Fabro spent his childhood and some people who had known him personally, including his nephew Claudio Fabro and his wife Luigina.

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