It has been quite some time since we last appeared … Power outages, lack of internet and other communication still continue and do not allow us to maintain frequent contact. Overall we had 2 hours of power per day, but this past week there were outages lasting up to 48 hours …

Meanwhile, the bombing continues, and the cannon that is near our house does not rest … It is sometimes difficult to sleep at night, but in general all of us have become accustomed to the sound (… though it should not be so).

The situation does not seem to improve, but every day this demonic war takes new facets. But it does not have the “last word”. Therefore, confident also in your prayers, we continue to pray to obtain from God the much desired gift of peace. Only He has the last word!

Steadfast … and joyful in hope!

Missionaries in Aleppo

(See the blog of our mission in Syria)



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