Aleppo, October 9, 2013

Hello everyone! We’re well and we continue to survive here!

Today, finally we are able to contact you! Thank you all for your prayers and concern. We are all well, thanks be to God; we have, however, been without communication facilities for a very long time.

Today the internet service was restored, which for a month and a half had been completely disrupted in the whole region. We do not know yet if the phone lines will also be restored.

Another good news is that yesterday one of the important access roads to the city was freed, and food could be brought in. In the midst of this war which continues to shake all of Aleppo, people have been able to smile again at the sight of the vegetables and fruits in the markets. And though one cannot be sure that this is definitive, at least it’s a break for the whole population, after more than three months of siege.

We continue to have power outages and interruption of water supply. Nor have the clashes and the bombings decreased. But everyone here considered it to be miraculous that the threat of foreign attack has declined. And I attribute it to the day of prayer and fasting that the whole world offered at the request of the Holy Father.

Thus, although the situation here shows no sign yet of having changed or improved, the light of hope has begun to burn faintly in the hearts of the people. A light that seemed to have been extinguished by so much suffering. A light that is still faint, but clear and steady. It is the hope for a lasting and definitive peace.

So we continue to rely on the prayers of all of you! Only prayer can overcome so much hatred and violence.

We will tell you of our life here in a subsequent message. Now we hurry to send these lines because we do not know for how long the internet will last.

A hug to everyone!

Fathers and Sisters Missionaries in Aleppo, Syria.



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