Dear Religious Family,

By the grace of God, for the 7th time in our mission here in Surinam, we were able to hold the camps for children. The

Girls Camp took place August 25th-28th with 36 girls participating, and the Boys Camp which was held September 2nd -5th had 42 boys participating. This year the camps were held in Vier Kinderen, situated about an hour outside of the city, on the property of a Catholic school. Since this school has been closed for the last two years, the Catholic presence there is minimal. The people from the area were very happy to see activities in the Church again, since the Chapel is next to the school.


The central theme of the camp was “My Immaculate Heart will triumph”, selected because this year commemorates 100 years since the apparitions of Our Lady of Fatima, which is also the name of the parish we assist at. The topics were all in relation to Mary: Who is Mary? What does Mary ask of us? “Do whatever He tells you”, and within this theme the 10 commandments and the life of grace was explained. Other topics we presented were: confession, the Rosary, the mission of the Blessed Virgin as the bridge to reach Jesus.

With much enthusiasm and creativity, the children participated in the different activities, working in groups, sports, the famous “night of talents”, for which they worked hard, preparing skits, choreography, music, dances, etc.

This year we had the help of three sisters from the Juniorate in the United States, one of whom is Surinamese, and one Surinamese postulant. They added a familiar touch by being able to speak the dialects and knowing the culture so well. Dutch is difficult for some of the children, and they do not speak it fluently.

We were accompanied by Fr. Francisco, a new priest at this mission, coming from the Lazarist congregation founded by St. Vincent de Paul. He celebrated the Holy Mass each day and heard the confessions of the children. Also helping us were the sisters from the congregation of the Franciscans of Charity, who arrived at the mission nine months ago.

We give thanks to God for this great apostolate, where so many children from the city, as well as from the interior of the country could participate. Some of the children drew close to ask us more questions about the Blessed Virgin, like how to pray the Rosary, and in their free time we could see them pray it, praying for the conversion of sinners and peace in the world, as the Virgin asked the shepherd children of Fatima to do.

May God bless these children and Our Holy Mother cover them with her mantle.

We entrust ourselves to your prayers.

In Jesus and Mary,

Sr. Regina (Missionary in Surinam)


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