Photos and videos of the week: August 30, 2020


Table of Contents


Diaconate ordinations in the United States

Feast of the Martyrs of Pueyo, the patrons of the monastery in Spain

Patronal festivities at St. Augustine’s parish in the jungle of Papua New Guinea

Fifteenth anniversary of the arrival of the Servidoras at the mission in Tunisia

A replica of our Lady of Anjara arrives in Tanzania

The Cross of Mount Irondo

To carry the cross with Christ

The Feast of the Martyrs of Barbastro, co-patrons of the seminary in San Rafael

The Feast of the Assumption of Our Lady into Heaven

Celebrations in the Solomon Islands


Byzantine celebrations in Omsk, Russia

Renewal of consecration to the Virgin Mary along with some newly consecrated in the home of St. Martin of Tours in Argentina

The novitiate in the United States

The Byzantine Rite in the international seminary in Montefiascone, Italy

Home of the Sacred Heart in Chile

Our Lady of Lujan parish in the Philippines

First Communion and reception of the cross in the minor seminary in Brazil

Visit from the Apostolic Nuncio to the mission in Rochelle-Saintes, France

The minor seminary in Ecuador

Fifth anniversary of the foundation in Santa Fe, Argentina

Novena to St. Rose of Lima in Suncho Corral, Argentina

Every Thursday in the house of Marcy of St. Martin of Tours, in San Rama Caida, Mendoza (Argentina), a Eucharistic procession to pray for the end of the pandemic

Pilgrimage in Holland

A course for youth in Mankato, United States

Postulants’ reception of the Cross of Matara in the United States

Activities in the St. Joseph hall in the city of La Plata, Argentina

Workshop of sacred images in the Cathedral of Tunisia

Monks in Tunisia make a pilgrimage to the church of St. Louis, King of France on his feast day

Charity has no age, the home of St. Hannibal of France in Peru

Annual catechetical congress in the Province of the Immaculate Conception

Camp in Keelung, Taiwan

Spiritual Exercises in the monastic house of formation in Genoa, Italy

A great circus in The Sacred Heart House of Mercy  in Chile

The home for boys visits the home for the elderly in Taybeh, Palestine

Spanish Mass in Taiwan

Celebration of the different nationalities in the contemplative house of formation in Italy

The novitiate in the Ukraine

Helping families most in need in General Alvear, Mendoza, Argentina


Learning the violin in Papua New Guinea

New editions in IVE press



Firm in the Faith. “The Faith”

Missionary Adventure

A day in the seminary (Italy)

Diary of homilies (Spanish)

St. Monica and the praises of her son, St. Augustine

The intercession of mothers (in Portuguese)

Interview about St. Louis, King of France (in French)

40 hours project (Ukraine)


Novena to our Lady of Arico, Tenerife

List of directions to follow the celebrations on line


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