Lectio Brevis (Opening of the Academic Year)

In San Rafael – Argentina

Monday, March 5th, in the Major House of Formation “Mary, Mother of the Incarnate Word”, we had the acts for the inauguration of the academic year.  First of all Father Santiago Vidal, IVE gave the Lectio Brevis (short conference) on the mystery of the Incarnate Word as the hermeneutical key to the Second Vatican Council, according to the teaching of Saint John Paul II.  Afterward we had the Inaugural Holy Mass with all of the formation houses of the Religious family in San Rafael.  Finally, in the afternoon we had the blessing of the entire “Finca”, our house, imploring God for abundant graces and blessings for this year that is beginning.

In Brazil

Monday, March 12th we had the “lectio brevis”, a ceremony that marks the beginning of the academic year in our houses of formation.  In the morning F. Emilio Rossi gave a talk on “Quixotism and the loss of being,” underlining the importance of the study of a philosophy of being and of true freedom, one that works and “bites” reality.  One that, at the same time, evangelically, allows us to know the modern world, which we must transform for GOD.

Shortly after, everyone gathered for the Holy Mass, asking for the fruits of this new year of studies.  During the celebration, the professors of the seminary made their profession of faith and their oath of fidelity.

In the afternoon we had the traditional blessing of the houses with the pray and exorcism of Leo XIII.

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News from Brazil

Concert in Fossanova (Italy)

Thomistic Studies in the USA

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Family Day in Wauchula, Florida (USA)

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Apostolic Days in Ecuador

The first academic activity of our novitiate was to hold “Apostolic days”.  For this activity we dedicate two days to intense study and presentations on the various apostolates of our institute.  The objective of the days is to provide an introduction so that the novices can know special way that our religious community carries out pastoral work, whether it be the vocational apostolate, oratory, catechesis, spiritual exercises, popular missions, etc.  In this way, by knowing our congregation better, they will be able to love her more.

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Novices and Postulants

In Argentina

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In Ecuador

Together with the novices, in February, we were able to go on pilgrimage to various sanctuaries and churches in Equador.

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In the Humanities School Alfredo Bufano, San Rafael (Argentina)

This Saturday we began the oratory with the children from the primary level of our Institute.  We shared some pictures with them, and invited them to join us in praying to Don Bosco, the founder of the oratories, asking him that it may be a fruitful year for the children, since he would say, “the happiness of nations depends on the wholesome education of the youth.”

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Oratory in Lyon, France

Oratory in Santiago del Estero, Argentina

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Kalivac, Albania

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A lot of work ahead, Tanzania

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Home of Mercy in the Ukraine

The home of mercy of the Ukraine had a cultural festival highlighting the poet Shevchenko.

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Mission in Guyana

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Visit to the Roman Ruins in Tunizia

El sábado 10 de Marzo, el P. Silvio Moreno, IVE que realiza Saturday March 10th, Father Silvio Moreno, IVE, who carries out his apostolate in the Cathedral of Tunisia, went with the sisters of our religious family, and a group of teachers from the school in Bizerte, to visit the archeological site of DOUGGA in order to know their own country better.

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Yes to life!


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Santiago del Estero – Argentina

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San Luis – Argentina

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Anniversaries in the Far East

We have received many graces during the month of March, for which we give thanks to God!  Our mission in Taiwan celebrated 22 years since its foundation on the 12th of March.  On the 19th is the 30th anniversary of our Institute, Servants of the Lord and the Virgin of Matara.  Our mission in Hong Kong will celebrate its 10th anniversary on that same day.  We would like to thank God for the abundant blessings he has given us. Thanks to the support of many bishops, priests, friends and benefactors, we have been able to begin and continue our mission here in Asia.  May the Lord grant us holy vocations in order to bring more souls to Christ and Christ to souls!

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Pilgrimage to the land of Saint Francis Xavier, Patron of the Missions

Pilgrimage to Turin and White Week – Saint John XXIII Minor Seminary, Italy

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Parish of the Good Shepherd – Chile

Improvements in our parish church “Jesus the Good Shepherd”.  With the help of our benefactors and parishioners, and the efforts of those who collaborated in carrying out the work, during the year 2017 we were able to make various improvements in our church for the greater glory of God and for the salvation of souls.  We thank all of our benefactors and we commend ourselves to your prayers so that we can continue this work in our parish.

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Work in Saint Peter’s Parish, Segni, Italy

Gathering in Hong Kong

Renewal of Vows in the Monastic Formation House in Tuscania (Italy)

With joy we share a few pictures from yesterday, Friday March 9th, on which sisters Maria de Galilea, Maria Madre de las Familias and Maria Virgo Fidens renewed their religious vows during Holy Mass in the monastery.  Let us pray for their perseverance and fidelity to this beautiful vocation to which God has called them.

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Virtual Classes in the Monastery

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Heroic Night with the Faithful of Tuscania (Italy)

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Spiritual Exercises in Segni, Italy

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A day of recreation in the mission in Gaza

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Via Crucis (Way of the Cross)

The Saint Simeon and Anna group in Paraguay

Home for children in Anjara, Jordan

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Attention! New blog “Life First”, in Argentina (in Spanish)


Upcoming Activities

Spiritual Exercises in Paraguay

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Volunteers in Spain


Youth Encounter in Verona – 2018

Seven Church Pilgrimage

Paschal Triduum with the Servidoras

Discernment retreat for Men, USA

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