More than 2000 participants in the Conversion Days in Papua New Guinea

By the grace of God we were able to organize the Days of Conversion during two months traveling throughout the diocese and finishing in our Coastal Parish “Holy Trinity”. The preacher was a Papuan catechist who could speak to them in their own dialect with great clarity and knowledge of the Holy Scriptures. He is a great man, a man of God. Beautiful fruits of conversion were given and many came to the sacrament of Penance

Solemnity of the Benedictine Martyrs of Pueyo – Spain

Solemnity of Our Lady Empress of China, patron of the mission of the Far East

Marian Pilgrimages

From the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Aparacida in Brasil

The IVE novices went on a pilgrimage to the Sanctuary of Aparecida-SP. Besides the prayers, they offered Our Lady 12 km of walking for priestly vocations. The occasion was also an act of preparation for the consecration in Maternal Slavery of Love.

From the Sanctuary of Ourlady of Cisne in Ecuador and Preperation for the Marian Vow in the Province of Ecuador

The novices and minor seminarians together with the priests of the province made the pilgrimage in preparation for the vow on September 8

“Spaced Out” triduum. On the first day of the triduum, the spiritual retreat was held with Marian meditations. On the second and third day, the Montfort Days began, in which there were various talks by the priests, all on Marian themes. At the end of each talk there was time for questions and comments.

New IVE Press editorial, from the Province of Northern Europe

Patronal Feasts of St. Rose of Lima in the city of La Plata and Suncho Corral, Santiago Del Estero, Argentina

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More contemplative Vocations in Brasil

Universal Philosophy exam in the Italian International Seminary

Fourteenth anniversary of St. John Henry Newman community in Cairo, Egypt

The Virgin of Luján pilgrims in the Home of Maercy, of San Martín De Tours, Rama Caida – Mendoza, Argentina

The Virgin of Luján pilgrims in the Home of San Martín De Tours

Pilgrimage to the island “Madame”, France

Since 1910, every year the diocese of La Rochelle and Saintes remembers the martyrdom of the priests deported to the barges of Rochefort during the French Revolution. This event is often celebrated around August 27, the date of the death of Jean-Baptiste Souzy, a priest of the diocese of La Rochelle, who was deported to Ile Madame in 1794 and died the same year. In union with the 829 deported priests and martyrs of terror.

Days in the mountains, Novitiate in Ukraine

“Five loaves and two fishes” campaign in Chile

Outings with the children in Iceland

The pieces of the organ arrived at the Virgin of Abona parish, Tenerife

Classes resume at “Marcel Callo” School, France

Walk with the girls of the residence “Maria Tuci”, Albania

Birthdays in the home for children, Bethlehem


Educating the affections

Missionary adventure

Pain in the family (the angel of your home)

Daily homilies (Spanish)

Christ suffers today in persecuted christians

Message to the mothers of the 40 hours project

To be a voice in defense of human life the truth of the church (French)

he truth of the church (French)



Help the mission in Asian and Syria

Directory to follow celebrations online



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