In Gaza, the type of place for having a summer camp is not to be found, and the poor children are without the possibility of recreation or diversion during their vacation, since their vacation is in a city which prohibits them from going out. But, regardless of this, the need to do something for these poor children impelled us. For this reason, here in Gaza, summer camp is called “Summer School”, as it takes place in our school and Church.

This is the 6th time that we have held “Summer School”, reaching almost 200 persons this year, counting nearly 160 children, 35 volunteers, and 5 religious. Every day of June was spent in the Church, praying, learning, and having fun.

We kept the following schedule:

9am     Holy Mass

10:00   Breakfast

10:30   Catecismo

11:00   Games

1:30     Lunch

2:00     Workshops

3:00     Songs

3:15-3:30: Adoration

Extra Activities:

Corpus Christi Procession

On the day of the Solemnity of Corpus Christi, we organized a Eucharistic Procession with all the children and volunteers. It was one of the most beautiful moments of “Summer School”.

Trip to “Chalet”

Our Saturdays were dedicated to a trip to a “Chalet” with a swimming pool. It was an opportunity to enjoy some extra moments of fun and diversion with the children. It was considered a free-day, without any specific schedule.

Cultural Workshops

The children took advantage of the time to learn some extra skills. Besides the Catechism which they learned daily, they had time to learn in the different workshops that we offered them: Hand crafts, sculpting religious images out of plaster, music, traditional dance (dabke), circus tricks, embroidery, etc.

Seeing the photos, it seems that this doesn’t match with what one normally imagines when they think of the city of Gaza, but the work of the Church here, -and in a special way, the work of our beloved Religious Family of the Institute of the Incarnate Word- is exactly this: to change the lives of the Christians here, making their lives an anticipation of heaven, evangelizing the culture.

We are deeply grateful for all of your prayers, and especially thankful for our dear Religious Family.

Missionaries in Gaza.

Fr. Victor Moreira, IVE

Fr. Mario da Silva, IVE

Sister Maria Illij, SSVM

Sister Maria Hilbis, SSVM.

For a video of the summer camp, click on the following link:


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