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We have been here in Scotland for a year now, time flies by and the graces received are accumulating… It is fitting for us to share, at least part, of all the beautiful things that God does in this country.

What do we do in these places? We are. As we know, it is the first and unquestionable fruit; to be here.

We could list the different activities we carry out: our work in four primary schools and one secondary, how our oratory works, visits to the sick and parishioners, catechesis, retreats … all very beautiful, but that is not what we want to share with you today. Here the importance of that “being” is so evident that it takes the spotlight in these lines.

A brief introduction to situate everyone. Here in Scotland, we work in four villages,which are very close to each other, each with its own Church. We are part of the Diocese of St. Andrew and Edinburgh, where Catholics the are approximately 7.7% of whom only 10% are practicing.

There are no excessive numbers in our apostolates, here the Catholics are a minority, but every story is a obvious miracle. We do not mean to say that in the rest of the world they are not, but the tangibility of these is what is most evident here. In all our missions, God works uninterruptedly, we know that. Here in Scotland, that work, that hand of God is so clearly seen!… There are no circumstances that can steal causality, nor a culture that favors the flow of grace…. It is simply the direct hand of God. A world, an environment where nothing leads you to God and God moves hearts against everything humanly expected. Seeing what He does one cannot help but exclaim “it is an obvious miracle”.

A couple of examples.

  • A woman in a difficult situation of violence at home, felt that she had to go to church, spoke with the father and without having any idea what the Mass is, she began to attend, a week ago she began catechesis with us, and now she is grateful for all the difficulties she has gone through, because thanks to them, she drew near to God. She clearly understands the meaning of pain… God is acting.
  • A man in his thirties, at the suggestion of his non-practicing partner to baptize his children, he decides to study what his children would hypothetically receive. He read the Catechism of the Catholic Church from beginning to end. That was the end, he discovered the Truth, begins to come to the Church, and he wants catechesis… He is baptized, makes his first communion, confirmation and marriage, his wife returns to the life of grace, his two children are baptized, a whole family in grace in less than a week… God is acting.

Now back to “being”…

A few months ago, the Bishop visited us, we shared with him a meal where we could tell him about our apostolates and some of these stories that have happened in our beloved country. To these he, very happy, replied “If they were not here they would not have happened” … To be… And that is what we have been doing. God does, He is acting, we have received the fruit of His work, we give catechesis, we decorate the Church, we play with children, we celebrate with people, we share with everyone His fruits … but He is the one who works; We “are” here! … To be, to be, to be.

¡Viva Cristo, viva María¡, ¡viva la Misión!
Sister Maria Aurora de Esperanza
St. Margaret of Scotland Community

Long live Christ, long live Mary, long live the Mission!
Sister Maria Aurora de Esperanza
St. Margaret Community of Scotland

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