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In our institute, the study of St. Thomas Aquinas is not something of secondary importance; it is something primary, because it is closely linked with our Charism. The study of St. Thomas Aquinas is one of the central foundations for the evangelization of culture. This has been highlighted by the Church hundreds of times and was also indicated by the Fathers of our 5th General Chapter, who reiterated our «…clear intention of following St. Thomas Aquinas, as mandated by the Church, and in this context, following the best Thomists, such as Fr. Cornelio Fabro. St. Thomas is of central importance in our formation».

Because of this, and in view of the great work that is to be done, every year we devote a couple of days to the in-depth study of St. Thomas Aquinas, of his philosophy and of his theology.

This year, the theme of the Thomistic Studies was the «Notion of Participation», which is the core of Thomism, as Fr. Fabro understood. With this notion, St. Thomas was able to give a final explanation of being (ens), and to realize of the proper name of God: Self-subsistent Being (Ipsum Esse Subsistens). Causality, too, for a long time unfounded, receives its ultimate explanation from the notion of participation, thanks to a self-evident principle ⎯ «every being (ens) by participation is caused by another, which is by essence» (STh., Ip, q44, a1).

This is the genius and originality of St. Thomas, which has been darkened during the long course of centuries, but recently re-discovered by a genuine re-reading of the Thomistic corpus; and this was done by another genius: Fr. Cornelio Fabro.

Before the final Mass of Thanksgiving, we watched Fr. Buela’s video on the Fabro Project, subtitled in English and in Chinese. In it, our Founder underlines the essential importance of Fr. Fabro’s philosophy together with the irreplaceable labor of publishing his complete works.

We thank God for the undeserved gift of a good formation, faithful to the Church and to Truth Itself.

In Christ and Mary,

Bro. Bernardo Ma. Ibarra

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