“…chaste, for the sake of the kingdom of heaven, poor, manifesting that God is the only true richness of mankind, and obedient, until the death of the cross, to follow the Incarnate Word more intimately”  

Dear all:

With great joy, we desire that through these brief lines you may participate, in what we experienced the past 5th of November in our small Catholic community in Dushanbe, Tajikistan.

Sister Mariam Mujabbati Iso, a native of this country, professed her perpetual vows.  Our intention therefore was to make a great celebration, knowing the importance of such an event for the Catholic Church in Tajikistan.

There were many preparations, both in the liturgy and for the celebration: all of the faithful put themselves to work, the young and old alike. Each one assisted in whatever way they could, and thus a charming family atmosphere could be felt, because the celebration was “everybody’s” and everybody took an active part in it. The particular place that each one took was vitally important so that all went smoothly.

The Holy Mass was celebrated by Fr. Pedro López, superior of the Missio Sui Iuris of Tajikistan, and con-celebrated by Fr. Esteban Curutchet and Fr. Andres Jauck.

For this great feast, our sisters of the Servants of the Lord, missionaries from Shymkent, Kazajstán, were present.

Friends and parishioners from St. Rocco’s parish in Kurgan Tube, which is an hour and a half from Dushanbe, also participated in the ceremony.

Following the ceremony, we had lunch together with the friends of the newly professed and the parishioners of our parish, and our traditional entertainment livened with different songs. For this occasion, the children of our oratory prepared cards with religious wishes, and between the different songs these were read aloud and later gifted to Sr. Mujabbati Iso.

We finished with a hymn to the Blessed Virgin, thanking God for having chosen as spouse a soul from this country; and for her care for this vocation, we especially express our gratitude to the Virgin Mary.

We give infinite thanks to God for this new spouse of His, and pray that He continues blessing the Tajik mission with new and holy vocations. for the second time in this country, the Catholics of Tajikistan and friendly people had the opportunity to witness the consecration that a religious makes to God, giving herself totally to Him by means of the religious vows; it was a very edifying testimony for everyone and a day of great happiness.

SSVM in Tajikistan


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