Chronicles of the missions

The charm of beginnings

Province “Our Lady Aparecida” Brazil “The charm of beginnings”

Dear Religious Family, from Brazil we send you this chronicle to tell you about Constitutions week that we carried out together the Apostolic Novitiate Mary of Jesus the Nazarene and the Contemplative Novitiate St. Therese. “Life in the Institute begins in the Novitiate”[1]. The Novitiate is a time of knowledge, both of the divine call, …

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Memento Mori

Dear Religious Family, In the United States, there is one holiday in the month of October which truly pervades the culture . . . Halloween. Beginning in September (or even August), stores begin to fill up with spooky decorations, jack-o-lanterns, black cats and witches’ hats, and candy galore! For most Americans, Halloween and the activities …

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